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Tesseract Twin Flame

A Novella

Has Received Ten Book Awards

The First Four Books in the Tesseract Series Have Received
24 Independent Book Festival Awards

        Tesseract Twin Flame, the fourth installment in the Tesseract series, has been honored—since its introduction in October 2014—with ten awards from independent book festivals.

      It is preceded by Tesseract Configured, the first in the series, introduced in October 2011 and recipient of multiple awards, Tesseract 3AM, the second in the series, introduced in October 2012, which received five independent book festival awards, and Tesseract Converged, which received seven independent book festival awards.

    To find out more about the compelling Tesseract series—crime dramas, wrapped in a psychological thriller inside a fantasy—please visit the Tesseract Converged, Tesseract 3AM, and Tesseract Converged pages on this Website.


A novella

Tesseract Twin Flame, the fourth installment in the Tesseract series,
has been honored with ten independent book festival awards
since its publication in October 2014:

2015 Hollywood Book Festival
(Books that deserve greater recognition from the film,
 television, game and multimedia communities)

2015 Los Angeles Book Festival
(Best of the world publishing community)

2015 Beach Book Festival
(Hottest reads of the summer season)

2015 DIY Book Festival
(Honoring independent book publishers and authors)

2014  Halloween Book Festival
(Best and scariest books of the fall)

2015 Great Northwest Book Festival
(Best books of the late winter/spring season)

2014 Great Midwest Book Festival
(Best books of the winter)

2015 Florida Book Festival
(Best books of the winter)

2015 Southeast Book Festival
(Best books of the late winter/spring season)

2015 Pacific Rim Book Festival
(Best books of the spring)

Tesseract Twin Flame

 is a genre-bending, compelling, stands-on-its-own
crime drama wrapped in a psychological thriller inside a fantasy.

The Tesseract series began with
  Tesseract Configured,
 which introduced the reader-favorite characters in this series,
 who continued their riveting journey in
  Tesseract 3AM,
 Tesseract Converged.

The Tesseract books have been described as:

 “wonderful and suspense-filled read”, “skillful”, “page-turner”, “profound insight into intricacies of human motivation and behavior”, “imaginative and creative”,
“very readable”, “twists and turns”, “fast-paced”,“easy read”, “mastery of nuance”, “brings depth”,“like to read over and over”, “characters are believable and genuine”, “wanting more”.

The destiny of Stella and her family—preordained and guided by beings from another dimension—is no less than to preserve human life here on earth.  But a dark force threatens the family’s very existence, testing their survival skills, basic beliefs, and devotion to each other.  Will their earthly encounters with visitors from another dimension protect or destroy them?

The reviews are in:

From the Independent Book Publishers Book Festivals:

“The fun of the ‘Tesseract’ series is that it’s a family drama, a crime series and an abstract science fiction world rolled up into one story.  If you need to stop and figure things out, that’s just part of the joyride.  Once you get a grip on the characters, you’ll be entertained, and what more can a reader expect? ... If you’re looking to spend an hour or two with a book that constantly tweaks your expectations, then ‘Twin Flame’ is well worth your time.  It continues the rich tradition of the Tesseract series, offering fun, suspense and surprise. We look forward to more tales in this struggle of good and evil.”

From the US Review of Books:

This well-written, unique novella is part science fiction and part psychological thriller.  …has a clear voice and a straightforward writing style.  The characters … are fleshed out well, and there is underlying tension and a sense of dread that runs through the whole book that readers will find satisfying. The theme of the book suggests there is something greater than us, human beings, which watches over and guides us.  …This is a good book for lovers of drama, science fiction, and fantasy.”

          To find out more about the compelling Tesseract series—crime dramas, wrapped in a psychological thriller inside a fantasy—please visit the Tesseract Configured, Tesseract 3AM, and Tesseract Converged pages on this Website.

The Tesseract series is written for readers of all ages 18 years and older.


In summer of 2014, Pier Avenue spoke with V.A.. Ebeling in anticipation of the
fourth Tesseract installment
Tesseract Twin Flame
which was published October, 2014.
You’ll find that interview right here:

PIER AVENUE PUBLISHING:  Congratulations on the outstanding response to Tesseract Converged, the third in the Tesseract series.  Seven awards in eight months.  And great reviews.

V.A. EBELING:  It’s been terrific.  In fact, I’m planning on publishing the fourth installment in October of 2014.

PAP:  What do you think is so intriguing about these books?

VAE:  Well, the fantasy concept is based on the authentic scientific theory that there is a fourth dimension we cannot see or feel but we can imagine.  I’ve added the concept that there are beings that travel between our three dimensions and the fourth dimension called the Tesseract.

PAP:  It is fascinating.

VAE:  But I think that it fascinates people who actually believe—or at least wonder about—otherworldly beings existing in our world.  It’s reported that many—perhaps even a majority—of Americans believe in something outside of the everyday human experience.

PAP:  Why do you think that is the case?

VAE:  I suppose as our lives and our future become more uncertain, people increasingly find comfort in turning to otherworldy explanations or predictors of what will happen in their lives.  Or it takes them out of their own world. Or perhaps they want to believe there is something more powerful than the mere mortal.

PAP:  Those beliefs comes in many forms also.

VAE:  Faith in a higher power, belief in an afterlife, visitors or messages from other worlds or those who have crossed over, trust in psychics or seers, or signs that explain something one doesn’t understand are a solace to millions of people.

PAP:  It’s exploded in books and films.

VAE:  Oh, yes.  In popular entertainment we’ve never seen more otherwordly characters such as vampires, werewolves, exploration of other planes of existence, ghosts…

PAP:  But you’re exploring a concept that has rarely been visited lately.  Then there’s the crime drama element in your stories.

VAE:  Readers love a good mystery and enjoy thrillers that pit the heroes and crimefighters against “evil”.

PAP:  And when you combine these genres setting the earthly characters in a real world in our current times, it makes the fantasy factor much more believable.

VAE:  You bring up an important and essential element of these books.  The earthly characters are very authentic, dealing with actual life issues other than the danger of evil fantasy characters.

PAP:  In fact it was the tremendous response to the characters in the first book, Tesseract Configured, that inspired the series.

VAE:  Indeed.  Readers said they cared for them, loved their relationships, wanted more, and missed them when they completed the book.  In fact, I almost feel like I know these characters personally.

PAP:  The heart of these stories is the journey of Stella and Joe.

VAE:  The ever-popular romantic story is still a mainstay attraction.  And these stories are ultimately about finding love.  When I conceived the storylines, I thought, what about a novel that crosses the genres-- crime drama, psychological thriller, fantasy, romance—that inspires readers to read it again, that intrigues the reader to think about the ideas, that confounds them and then satisfies them, allows them to experience the revelations and personal growth of the characters they care about.

PAP:   And the Tesseract series combines all these approaches in one literary experience.  Any hints about Tesseract number four?

VAE:  Well, I don’t want to say too much, but there may be a tragic turn of events involving a reader-favorite character.

PAP:   One thing we’ve learned about your stories is that events don’t take place simply to entertain or provoke.  They all have a reason to be that moves the story forward, helps us to understand, get involved.  We assume that includes the new turn of events.

VAE:  You’ll find out.

PAP:  Looking forward to it.  Thank you for speaking with us.

VAE:  My pleasure.  Hopefully we’ll do this again soon.