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The TESSERACT SERIES ebooks are available on Amazon.com.  To order the TESSERACT SERIES trade paperback books, please choose from the following options:

TO ORDER BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER:  Choose your order from the following price list.  Please click mail order form button at the end of this page, print the form, and fill it out with your information and the order information. Payment instructions are on the form. Mail your check or money order  and order form to the address found in the instructions above the mail order form button. Detailed instructions are found above the mail order form button on this page.  Your information will be secure.

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SAVE WITH FREE DOUBLE SHIPPING by ordering the two-book set.  If you order Tesseract Configured and Tesseract 3AM at the same time as a set, you get free shipping on both books… a savings of $8.00!

The Tesseract series is written for adult readers 18 years of age and older.


 Tesseract Configured                            $9.99 each

        Shipping and handling                   4.00 for each book

TOTAL                                                   $13.99 per book



Tesseract 3AM                                        $9.99 each

        Shipping and handling                     4.00 for each book

TOTAL                                                   $13.99 per book



Tesseract Configured AND
Tesseract 3AM


  $19.98 per set

        Shipping and handling                           FREE

TOTAL                                                            $19.98 per set




Tesseract Converged           $9.99 each

      Shipping and handling               4.00 each each book

TOTAL                                             $13.99 each book




Tesseract Twin Flame        $9.99 each

    Shipping and handling           4.00 each book
each book

TOTAL                                          $13.99
per book



Tesseract Resurrection        $9.99 each

    Shipping and handling           4.00 each book
per book

TOTAL                                          $13.99




To order by mail, go to the mail order form button below and click. You may have to click on "Enable Printing" to print.  On the printed form complete the name and address on the form.   Follow the easy directions for computing the total price found above on this page.  Fill in the book title(s) to order and the cost(s) and total amount on the form. In a mailing envelope enclose the completed form and check or money order for total amount made payable to:

Vicki Ebeling, Publisher

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