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The second novella in the Tesseract series.

Tesseract 3AM

 was published in September 2012 and has won awards from independent publishers’
2012 Halloween Book Festival
2012 New England Book Festival
(best books of the December holiday season)
2012 Great Southeast Book Festival
(best books of the late winter/spring season)
2013 Great Northwest Book Festival
(best books of the late winter/spring season)
2013 Beach Book Festival
(hottest reads of the summer season)

Tesseract 3AM

A genre-bending, compelling, stands-on-its-own read that is also…

The thrilling sequel to the multi-award-winning novella

Tesseract Configured, which introduced…

The reader-favorite characters in the Tesseract series, who continue their riveting journey through…

A crime drama wrapped in a psychological thriller inside a fantasy, as created by…

The author whose work is described by readers and reviewers as “wonderful and suspense-filled read”, “skillful”, “page-turner”, “profound insight into intricacies of human motivation and behavior”, “imaginative and creative”,“very readable”, “twists and turns”, “fast-paced”,“easy read”, “mastery of nuance”, “brings depth”,
“like to read over and over”, “characters are believable and genuine”, “wanting more”.

The destiny of Stella and her family—preordained and guided by beings from another dimension—is no less than to preserve human life here on earth.  But a dark force threatens the family’s very existence, testing their survival skills, basic beliefs, and devotion to each other.  Will their earthly encounters with visitors from another dimension protect or destroy them?


A fourth dimension we cannot see or touch,
but we can imagine.


From the independent publishers’ Halloween, Great Northwest,
Great Southeast, New England and
Beach Book Festivals:

 "The surprise ending and the revelation on the true destiny of one of the characters is a neat parlay of the series’ premise.  Ebeling has set up a nice franchise with this sequel and readers will be satisfied that all is on course with [the main characters].  At least until the third novel!”

From the U.S. Review of Books:

“Fast-paced, psychological detective story.  The author keeps the action moving by giving just enough description as is necessary to set the scene.  The reader is kept in suspense by not always knowing who to trust.  Intriguing story, filled with chase scenes, detectives, and other-worldly beings.”

The Tesseract series books are written for readers of all ages 18 years and older.



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