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Tesseract Converged, the third installment in the Tesseract series,
has been honored with seven independent book festival awards
since its publication in October 2013.

2014 Hollywood Book Festival
(Books that deserve greater recognition from the film,
 television, game and multimedia communities)

2014 Los Angeles Book Festival
(Best of the world publishing community)

2014 Beach Book Festival
(Hottest reads of the summer season)

2014 Great Northwest Book Festival
(Best books of the late winter/spring season)

2013 Great Midwest Book Festival
(Best books of the winter)

2013 Southern California Book Festival
(Best books of the fall)

2013  Halloween Book Festival
(Best and scariest books of the fall)

Tesseract Converged
 is a genre-bending, compelling, stands-on-its-own crime drama wrapped in a psychological thriller inside a fantasy.

The Tesseract series began with
 the multi-award-winning novel

Tesseract Configured,
 which introduced the reader-favorite characters in this series,
 who continued their riveting journey in
 the multi-award-winning Tesseract 3AM.
And now, here is the third in the series.

 Tesseract Converged

The Tesseract books have been described as:

 “wonderful and suspense-filled read”, “skillful”, “page-turner”, “profound insight into intricacies of human motivation and behavior”, “imaginative and creative”,
“very readable”, “twists and turns”, “fast-paced”,“easy read”, “mastery of nuance”, “brings depth”,“like to read over and over”, “characters are believable and genuine”, “wanting more”.

The destiny of Stella and her family—preordained and guided by beings from another dimension—is no less than to preserve human life here on earth.  But a dark force threatens the family’s very existence, testing their survival skills, basic beliefs, and devotion to each other.  Will their earthly encounters with visitors from another dimension protect or destroy them?

    The reviews are in:

From U.S. Review of Books—

“…Though there are clearly fantasy elements to this story, for the most part this is a tale of overcoming abuse and hardship through love.  The actual presence of the extra dimension of Tesseract is not overwhelming due to the inability of either side [evil or good] to interfere directly, and simply adds a bit of lore and complexity to a story that is otherwise wholly relatable.  While there are two prior titles in this series, the events of the previous books are alluded to enough to keep readers informed without ruining what the other titles have to offer.  With a blend of suspense, new age philosophy, and solid human characters, this title is an endearing journey that is sometimes heartwarming and sometimes heart-pounding.  Readers may find themselves hooked afterwards and will want to check out this book’s predecessors before hoping for another chapter yet to come.”

From the Independent Book Festivals--

“…As with the first two books, the tale unwinds like a crime novel, as our heroine, Stella, tries to determine how forces beyond our understanding may be stalking her family.  Suffice to say that this strong woman will not let evil triumph without a battle, and the twist to this novel will leave fans of the previous two books satisfied with a neat, though surprising, resolution… great science fiction is always built on opaque notions that let the reader fill in the blanks.  On that count, “Tesseract Converged” is a neat summation of the first two novels, and readers who spend time immersed in its world will enjoy the experience.”

TheTesseract series is written for readers of all ages 18 years or older.


In Spring 2013, Pier Avenue Publishing spoke with author V.A. Ebeling about her Tesseract book series and, in particular, Tesseract Converged, in anticipation of its publication in October 2013.

Pier Avenue Publishing:  I just finished reading the second of the Tesseract series.  Wow.  Spirits from another dimension and demons and evil doers and human heroes.     

V.A. Ebeling:  When you put it like that… it sounds like a science fiction novel.

PAP: But somehow your books don’t seem like science fiction. More like a fantasy that reads like a thriller.

Ebeling:  When I was writing the first book, I began with a couple of premises, but before I knew it, the story and the characters were taking on a life of their own.  I wasn’t developing the plot, the plot was telling me what happened next.

PAP: And within this plot are some remarkable characters.  They are so real and intriguing.

Ebeling:  I never intended the first book to be the beginning of a series.  But the reaction of the people who read it was so strong to the characters.  They really cared about them.  Wanted to know more about them.  Actually said they missed them when they finished the first book.  Some actually read it again to enjoy it again.  But I can’t take credit.  Sometimes characters you write make choices you don’t expect.  And then it’s an adventure just imagining where they’ll go from there. 

PAP: What is the Tesseract?

Ebeling:  I happened on a scientific theory that there is a fourth dimension beyond the three we know that we cannot see or feel but we can imagine.  A cube that surrounds our own sense of reality.  I conceived an idea that there are spirits who exist there who interact with those of us in our three dimensional world who… shall we say… tamper
with our perceivable existence by entering it and manipulating events.  They’re not all-powerful, but they’re definitely influential.

PAP: People who have reviewed your books have defined them as “genre-bending”, 
"multi-layered", and a “wild card”.  What do you call them? 

Ebeling:  A crime drama wrapped in a psychological thriller inside a fantasy.  But in the end it’s a love story, a tale of self-discovery.

PAP: You have a professional background in the creation of dramatic entertainment.

Ebeling:  Yes.  I worked in the television and film industry for many years, and I was fortunate to work with some of the best writers and creators in the business.    I learned a lot about how to build a story.

PAP: And the psychological thriller aspect?

Ebeling:  I was also a psychotherapist.  I actually teach it now.  So I was able to use my knowledge to add several intriguing and realistic edges to the characters’ personalities.

PAP:   And you're a Doctor of Human Behavior, but you, personally, and your characters are very real and down-to-earth.

Ebeling:  I think that's why the readers care so much for the characters.  Besides, life's more fun that way.

PAP: You say the Tesseract  books are really about finding love.

Ebeling:  Yes.  If we believe there is some person out there who will love us and in doing so make us lovable, it will probably be a lonely, disappointing search.  Finding love in your life begins very simply with learning to love yourself.  If you don’t love yourself, you don’t invite love into your life.

PAP: Invite love.  Intriguing concept.

Ebeling:  Indeed.  I like to say you can give wings to love.

PAP:  But people need to read the books to understand that message.  That's part of the fantasy.

Ebeling:  Although the Tesseract stories are built on fantasy, the reality is that you must love yourself if you expect to find someone who will truly love you in the most healthy way.  And once you love yourself, the other part of the equation is to trust that someone else can love you.  If your fears or mistrust lead you to do what it takes to prevent yourself from ever being hurt or sad or scared ever again, you also eliminate very nearly
all the chances you have of finding someone you will truly love and will genuinely love you in return.

PAP: How does one do that?!

Ebeling:  Well, the answer to that question is a non-fiction, how-to book, isn’t it?  In the Tesseract series, the readers experience insights as the characters do and accompany them on their search for their authentic selves.

PAP: Stella, your main character, has good reason to wonder if there is such a thing as true love—of any kind—in her life.  We meet her as a fragile, damaged soul.  But somehow she survives.

Ebeling:  Yes, but at a cost.  As a defense mechanism, she has lost her own true self and replaced it with… well, folks need to read the books to find that out.

PAP: That’s where the spirits from another dimension come in.

Ebeling:  I don’t want people to think that problems can be solved by a magic fantasy, but you can think of these spirits as guides on a journey of self-discovery.

PAP: And finding courage.

Ebeling:  Certainly.  We see that bravery is facing something you are frightened by.  And each time you face fear, you gain more courage.  With courage comes a sense of wholeness, of integrity.  Of course loving someone can make a person more courageous than they ever thought they could be, doesn’t it?  If I want the readers to take anything away, it’s that it takes courage to truly love another.

PAP: Framed by an exciting, compelling page turner of a novel.  We look forward to the third in the series. 

Ebeling: Coming out this year.  I’m working on it now.

PAP: The second novel introduced some wonderful new characters.  Will we meet more in the third?

Ebeling:  You bet.

PAP: Can you give us a hint?

Ebeling:  Well, let’s just say that my favorite line from a character in this third story so far reads “The bravest thing I’ve ever done is fall in love with you.”

PAP: And I guess we’ll have to read number three to find out who says that about whom.

Ebeling: You should be surprised.

PAP: Can’t wait.  Thank you.

Ebeling:  Thank you.

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